PENNYROYAL :: 1000 seeds

PENNYROYAL :: 1000 seeds

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Mentha pulegium

 *CAUTION: Harmful if eaten*

Plant Type :: Hardy Perennial

Sow In :: Spring / Anytime
Germination :: 7-21 days (20-25°C)
Height :: 10-40cm
Flowers :: 10 weeks
Position :: Full Sun / Part Shade

A delightfully aromatic herb, Pennyroyal is a member of the mint family and originates from Europe. It is an upright, creeping perennial producing lovely tall stems topped with whorls of lilac flowers in summer. The small ovate leaves and pretty blooms are highly fragrant. Repels insects. CAUTION: All parts of this plant including the seeds are poisonous to humans and animals. Not to be eaten.

Seeds per packet :: 1000


Very easy to grow. Surface sow direct onto moist garden beds or start seeds indoors in pots of well drained soil. Do not cover seeds with soil as they need light to germinate. Keep soil moist and in a warm location.

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We apologise that due to quarantine restrictions we DO NOT SHIP SEEDS TO WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) OR TASMANIA (TAS).