OREGANO GREEK :: 200 seeds

OREGANO GREEK :: 200 seeds

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Origanum hirtum
(Origanum heracleoticum)

Plant Type :: Perennial
Sow In :: Spring or Anytime Indoors
Germination :: 8-14 days (12-28°C)
Harvest :: Anytime
Position :: Full Sun

Greek Oregano is the true classic oregano that has a superb flavour and fragrance. Used widely as a culinary herb it gives a gorgeous distinctive, savoury taste and aroma to many cuisines. It has lovely small, ovate, mid-green leaves with aromatic purple or white flowers. Can be used fresh or dried.

Seeds per packet :: 200


Sow seeds outdoors in prepared seedbeds or start indoors in trays or pots of well drained soil. Cover lightly with a sprinkling of soil and keep moist. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle.

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