WHITE SAGE :: 100 seeds

WHITE SAGE :: 100 seeds

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Salvia apiana

Plant Type :: Herbaceous Perennial
Sow In :: Early Spring
Germination :: 14-28 days (20-30°C)
Height :: 1.3m
Flowers :: 12 weeks
Position :: Full Sun

Highly valued and revered by the Native American people, White Sage or Sacred Sage is reputed to have mystical properties and many health benefits. This beautiful plant produces long silvery-white leaves and tall spires of small white flowers. The dried leaves are used for making smudge sticks.

Seeds per packet :: 100


Start seeds indoors in pots. Sow seeds on top of moist, well drained soil. Do not cover with soil as seeds need light to germinate. Mist with water. Keep moist but do not overwater. Transplant seedlings when they form true leaves. Plant outdoors in 6 months. Spacing 60cm.

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