OYSTER LEAF :: 20 seeds

OYSTER LEAF :: 20 seeds

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Mertensia maritima

Plant Type :: Perennial
Sow In :: Early Spring
Germination :: 10-28 days (20-25°C)
Height :: 30cm
Flowers :: 14 weeks
Position :: Full Sun

Oyster Leaf is an amazing edible wild plant native to Ireland and Scotland. This attractive plant produces pretty pale blue flowers in Spring. The gorgeous blue-green coloured leaves taste exactly like oysters and are highly prized and sought after by the top chefs in Europe. The leaves are truly an amazing and exquisite culinary delight! Perfect in seafood dishes.

Seeds per packet :: 20


Start indoors in pots. Sow seeds 5mm deep into moist, well draining soil and place in a warm position. Keep moist. Transplant outdoors when large enough to handle and after danger of frost has passed. Take care not to disturb roots. Space 50cm apart. NOTE: Seed husks may become soft, this is natural and does not affect seed viability.

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