Make A Festive Wreath - Celebrate summer and the festive season

Make A Festive Wreath


Happy Summer Solstice everyone!.. Today I've tried my hand at making my own Festive Wreath from foraged leaves and branches from our gorgeous Aussie bush, as well as some floral pickings from the garden.

The old tradition of wreath making goes way back to ancient times. Wreaths first originated with the ancient Celtic people of Europe, symbolising and celebrating the eternal cycle of life. They were originally woven and crafted from evergreens collected in woodlands to form the symbolic circle, and to celebrate the coming to life, out of the cold, dark winters returning to the light and warmth of the sun.

It is amazing at how many beautiful plant treasures can be found foraging in our Aussie bush and in Nature. As I set out to collect my leaves and branches and throughout my walk, I kept discovering the most wonderful leafy textures, plant shapes and colours. It never ceases to amaze me how Nature nurtures and inspires us with such beauty, and fills us with her creativity.

There are many techniques and ways in which you can make wreaths and they are limitless as to your imagination… If you’d like to make your own beautiful Festive Wreath, it really is a cinch to do… here is how I made mine…


· Twine or wire wreath base (You could also make your own).
· Collection of evergreen foliage, branches, grasses, berries, and flowers and anything else you would like to include.
· Floral wire.
· Scissors.





Firstly, I gathered and collected an array of different branches and leaves from the bush in lots of gorgeous colours and textures.

A little tip: When you are out foraging for your evergreens be sure to look for tough, and hardy growth rather than tender, new growth as this has a tendency to wilt very quickly. Don’t dismiss any dried leaves, branches and even grasses. These add just as much beauty and contrast as the lushness from green and bright coloured foliage.



Next, make little bundles from your foliage and secure by binding them with florist wire. All you need is a thin florist wire... I've used 26 gauge so it can be cut easily with scissors.

Start adding your little bundles to the wreath base by securing each one with the floral wire. Work all the way around the base adding the leafy bundles and overlapping each one by half until the whole wreath base is covered.

To add a lovely finishing touch to my Festive Wreath I stuck in some freshly cut Statice flowers from the garden. Statice are perfect as these papery textured blooms last a very long time after being cut (even without water). Some other excellent flower varieties that work really well in wreaths are Strawflowers, Nigella or Love In A Mist pods or any flowers or seed pods you have dried. You could also use any fresh blooms you might like and simply replace them as they fade.

And here you have it... a lovely Festive Wreath that you can either gift or hang on your front door, or on a wall inside your home. They also look stunning placed on a mantle or as a beautiful centrepiece on a table.

ENJOY and Happy Festivities!

Lisa x